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Best Balinese Beer You Can Try and Where to Find It in Bali

Beer is the third most popular drink in Bali and a big reason why people visit the island. It has this nice smell and a foamy taste that makes it super unique, even if you’re just chilling on the beach. That what’s make Bali and beer complement each others. You can’t have a great Bali […]

The Ultimate Food Pairing to Enjoy Craft Beer

Wondering about the best beer and food combinations? You’re not the only one. It used to be that if you asked a server in a decent restaurant what drink goes with a certain dish, they’d call over the sommelier and a whole wine discussion would start. But things have changed in the past decade: Beer […]

Beer Indonesia In a Nutshell: The Story of Indonesian Beer Culture

Beer or “bir” in Indonesia, has experienced a notable upsurge in terms of consumption in recent years, revealing a dynamic transformation within the country’s cultural fabric. Beyond the surface of popular beer choices and flavors, a complex tapestry of brewing customs, economic dynamics, social influences, and environmental considerations has shaped Indonesia’s evolving beer industry. This […]

The Ultimate Craft Beer Glass Guide to Enjoy Every Sip of the Beer

The craft beer revolution has brought about a surge in specialty beer glasses. No longer limited to the classic pint glass, there’s now a wide variety of glassware to choose from. Beer has been served in glasses for a long time, but it wasn’t until the 19th century that these glasses became affordable for everyday […]

Canard: Best Craft Beer Indonesia, Why Should You Try It?

Craft beer is making waves in Indonesia. While the country is famous for its beautiful landscapes, rich history, and diverse food, craft beer is adding an exciting new twist for both locals and tourists. This craft beer movement in Indonesia offers a unique chance to taste traditional and modern flavors, making it a memorable experience […]

What Is a Weizenbock? Introducing the German-Style Weizenbock

A Weizenbock is more than your typical wheat beer, although it does have its German roots. Often described as the wheat version of a doppelbock, this definition falls short of capturing its true essence. It is also a complex brew that goes beyond its wheat components. Key Takeaways Despite its easy-drinking nature, brewing a great […]

Here Is An Introduction to Porter Beer Style

If you’re someone who relishes the art of craft beer or simply just a fan of rich, chocolatey drinks, chances are you’ve already savored the delights of a porter or stout at your favorite neighbourhood brewery. Stout may ring a bell, but let’s journey back in time to explore the precursor to stout – the […]

What Is a Session IPA? Everything You Need to Know About Session IPAs

In 2022, the beer market boasted a staggering value exceeding $100 billion. The lion’s share of this substantial market revenue was attributed to prominent American beer conglomerates and imported brews. However, a noteworthy 13.1% slice of this thriving market was carved out by craft beers, which notably included the ever-popular IPA. Key Takeaways Enter the […]

Exploring The World of the Witbier, Beer with a Tasty History

The wheat beer family stands as a venerable lineage of brews with deep medieval origins, ideally suited for the warm embrace of summer. Among its illustrious members, we find Witbier. Key Takeaways Witbier, also recognized as white beer, emerges as a refreshingly distinctive Belgian beer variant, gaining a global following. Many inquire about the distinctions […]

What Is Kölsch Beer: One of the Best German Style Beer

When it comes to the world of beer, there’s a diverse array of styles to explore, each with its unique characteristics and flavors. One such style that has gained popularity in recent years is Kölsch beer. Originating from Cologne, Germany, Kölsch style beer offers a refreshing and crisp drinking experience that appeals to both casual […]

Special Craft Beer Kuta Specialty Recommendations for Vacation

If you’ve planned to spend your time in Bali, Indonesia, You know that you will have a good time there. You know that Bali beer is one of the best things that you will enjoy here. But, imported beer in bars sometimes is a little bit pricey. Don’t worry! If you want to find the […]

An Introduction to The World of Craft Beer

If you’re a true beer enthusiast, you’re likely well-acquainted with the term “craft beer.” It’s the buzzword that reverberates throughout the beer community, and in our humble opinion, with excellent reason. However, for those who are newly embarking on their craft beer journey, the concept can be somewhat elusive. Key Takeaways In recent years, the […]

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