How to Hold A Beer Glass in Any Situation

How to Hold A Beer Glass in Any Situation

For some folks, beer is always the top pick, no matter where they are. But truth be told, beer deserves better than just any old shaker pint glass. These 16-ounce shakers, commonly seen at bars and taprooms, are better suited for mixing drinks. They became the go-to choice for beer simply because they’re cheap, tough, and easy to stack, saving precious space.

Key Takeaways

  • How to hold a beer glass? For different glasses, there are different ways to hold them.
  • You can enjoy the best craft beer served in the right glass at Canard Taproom.
How to Hold A Beer Glass in Any Situation

Think about those big fancy parties where you might not have a say in whether it’s a cocktail hour or a fancy champagne toast. It’s pretty normal for everyone to come across new drinks and different types of glassware now and then. It can be either intimidating or thrilling, depending on how you look at it.

When it comes to holding a wine glass, many people get a bit stressed out. The fear of looking awkward often takes over. But honestly, the right way to hold a wine glass between your fingers is more about practicality than just looking fancy.

Just like the right glass enhances the taste of your beer, holding your glass the right way can make your beer taste even better. So, here’s a quick guide on how to properly hold every type of glass you might come across at a bar. Cheers to enjoying your drinks the right way!

How to Properly Hold the Glass While Enjoying a Glass of Beer

Wine Glass

When it comes to holding a wine glass, there are a bunch of ways you can do it, but here’s our top recommendation: Grab by the stem between your thumb and your first two fingers. You can kind of pinch the stem of the wine glass using your thumb, index finger, and middle finger.

As you get your fingers in position, make sure they’re placed on the lower half of the stem. Let your middle finger rest on the stem just above the base. These three fingers are the ones that should touch the stem of the glass. Your other two fingers can naturally chill on top of the base. This is the classic way to hold a wine glass. Doing it like this should give you plenty of stability while keeping your hands away from the bowl of the glass. Cheers to the perfect wine grip!

Champagne Flute

Knowing how to handle different types of drinks is pretty important, especially for those unexpected moments. But there’s one glass in particular that you need to master: the champagne flute. This fancy glass is usually saved for the most special of celebrations, so you don’t want to fumble with it when the time comes.

Mishandling your champagne flute can lead to some awkward moments, especially at those fancy events. But the good news is that it’s pretty simple to get the hang of it.

Just like with a wine glass, the long stem of the flute helps keep your bubbly delight nice and chilly, so make sure you hold onto the stem (and only the stem). The etiquette here is pretty much the same as it is for a wine glass.

Beer Cans

When you’re grabbing an IPA, you might not realize it, but the design of the beer can is backed by some serious science. Aluminum cans are champions when it comes to keeping your beer fresh. They act like a fortress, shielding your drink from light and oxygen. This means your beer stays just as delicious when you crack it open at home as it did back at the brewery. And here’s the cool part – cans are like bodyguards against skunking. They don’t let any of that pesky UV light mess with the flavor of your beer. That’s why cans are like the best for your beer, ensuring it stays top-notch from brewery to your fridge. Cheers to freshness!

Technically, the right way to hold a beer can is by the body, not the base. When it comes to a can, it doesn’t matter how you hold it. But here’s a hot tip: as soon as you crack open that can, get it into a wine glass, or for Session IPA, uses IPA glass. Pouring it out helps you enjoy the aroma better and gets that carbonation going for a nice, foamy head.

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How to Hold Stemmed Glass at Night?

How to Hold Stemmed Glass at Night?

Now we’re going to talk about the situational guide on how to hold a beer glass. For those who aren’t used to evening drinks, the stemmed glass can seem like a pretty intimidating thing. Often tall and fancy-looking with a base, it might feel a bit scary to handle. But fear not, it’s pretty easy to get the hang of. The trick is to hold the stemmed glass by its stem!

By gripping the stem of your stemmed glass, you keep those pesky fingerprints off the bowl, and you also make sure your hand doesn’t warm up your drink. It’s worth mentioning that professional wine tasters usually hold the glass by the stem itself. Whether you go for the base or the stem, the main thing is to keep the heat away from the precious beer.

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Where To Find the Perfect Beer with the Right Glass

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