The Ultimate Craft Beer Glass Guide to Enjoy Every Sip of the Beer

The Ultimate Craft Beer Glass Guide to Enjoy Every Sip of the Beer

The craft beer revolution has brought about a surge in specialty beer glasses. No longer limited to the classic pint glass, there’s now a wide variety of glassware to choose from. Beer has been served in glasses for a long time, but it wasn’t until the 19th century that these glasses became affordable for everyday people. This shift in how we served beer played a crucial role in the modern brewing process. As people could see the beer they were drinking, there was a desire for a more visually appealing product.

The Ultimate Craft Beer Glass Guide to Enjoy Every Sip of the Beer

Key Takeaways

  • Selecting the right glass for your beer is essential, especially when you’re indulging in specialty or craft brews.
  • If you want to experience Canard’s craft beer with the right craft beer glass, you can visit Canard Taproom in Bali

Selecting the right glass for your beer is essential, especially when you’re indulging in specialty or craft brews. In simple terms, you can keep sipping your inexpensive lagers straight from a can, but when it comes to craft beers, using the right glass can make a significant difference in how you enjoy their full range of flavors.

To make it easier for you to find the perfect beer glasses for your needs, we’ve conducted home tests on various glassware designed for different beer styles and occasions. We considered how these glasses feel in your hand, the thickness of the rim, and how the shape of beer glasses influences the beer’s aromas and taste.

Craft Beer Glass Types

Champagne Glass

Champagne makers are moving away from the traditional Champagne Flute and embracing the white wine glass for serving Champagnes. The champagne glass remains dedicated to highlighting those effervescent bubbles. It’s an ideal choice for any sparkling beverage. This type of glass is particularly suited for highly effervescent styles, such as sour beers and crisp ales.

If you’re indulging in beverages like the Strawberry Gose and Kölsch, we recommend using this type of glass for the best-tasting experience.


If you’re looking for a top-notch beer glass, the Teku glass is a fantastic choice. Crafted by brewers Lorenzo “Kuaska” Dabove and Teo Musso, this glass was specifically created to highlight the complete flavors and aromas of each beer.

The Teku glass is designed to be a versatile option for all types of beer. Its long stem helps maintain the beer at just the right temperature, while the curved shape of the glass is meant to capture and release the beer’s aromas. The Teku glass works well for a wide range of beer styles, but it truly shines when used for sour beers and highly aromatic brews.

We recommend using this glass particularly when enjoying drinks like the Strawberry Gose, Witbier, Session IPA, Weizenbock, and Kölsch.


The Riesling glass is an excellent choice for maintaining a balance between the acidity and the fruity essence of certain wines. Its design includes a small rim, which helps in achieving that equilibrium between sweetness and sourness. Interestingly, the Riesling Glass also works well in harmonizing the acidic yeast aromas and flavors with the sweet fruit esters found in Wheat Beers. This type of glass is particularly recommended for enjoying a Kölsch.

IPA Glass

A newer addition to many beer glassware collections in the U.S. is the IPA glass. Its popularity began to rise around 2013, and it’s particularly great for bringing out the flavors of hoppy beers.

The IPA Glass was created by Dogfish Head Craft Brewed Ales, Sierra Nevada Brewing Company, and the glassmaker Spiegelau. It features a wide mouth and bowl on a narrow ridged stem base. This design helps the beer maintain its temperature while guiding the aromas toward the nose. The lasered bottom aids in releasing CO2 in cascading bubbles, and the bowl’s dip creates turbulence, making the aroma more intense. This type of glass is perfect for enjoying Session IPA.

Syrah Glass

The Syrah glass is designed to bring out the best in medium-bodied wines by balancing their strong tannins and rich fruit flavors. This special glass shape was created through workshops in the main Shiraz grape-growing areas between 1993 and 1995. Now, it’s known as the most versatile red wine glass.

The glass has a slightly tapered opening and a large bowl, which enhances the wine-drinking experience. This design allows the wine’s aromas to become more intense, and the fruity taste to fill your mouth. It also gives the wine a dignified structure and a long-lasting finish on your palate.

We recommend using this glass particularly when enjoying drinks like Porter craft beer from Canard.

Oaked Chardonnay

Chardonnay glasses, particularly those meant for Oaked Chardonnay, have larger bowls that effectively highlight the creamy textures of full-bodied wines, owing to their wider mouths. The inward curve of the glass serves to concentrate and channel the more volatile aromas, providing them with the necessary space to develop fully. These glasses work well for beers like Session IPA and Weizenbock.

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Why Does Beer Taste Better in Glass?

Why Does Beer Taste Better in Glass?

When you pour your beer into a glass. The larger surface area of the glass helps release stronger aromas, and the foam that forms on top intensifies the beer’s scent, acting like a flavorful cover.

Enjoying the full flavor of beer involves more than just your taste buds. It engages various senses, such as taste, smell, texture, sight, and even sound. When you drink straight from a can or bottle, you miss out on the beer’s complete experience—its aroma, color, foam, and the satisfying sound of bubbles rising during a good pour. That’s why using the right glass for your beer ensures you get the whole sensory package. Pouring beer into a glass also can help eliminate the metallic taste and enhance your overall beer-drinking experience.

Drinking beer is about more than just taste; it’s an entire experience that includes aesthetics. Glasses have an edge over cans in terms of appearance, as cans are mainly designed for portability. Moreover, beer glasses come in different shapes and sizes, and specific types of beers often pair best with particular glass styles to enhance the overall drinking experience.

If you want a more sophisticated and elegant beer-drinking experience, using a beer glass is the way to go. When you take the time to appreciate your beer’s appearance, you’re more likely to savor its taste as well.

It’s crucial to think about using the right glass for the type of beer you’re enjoying and the occasion. Picking the appropriate glassware can make a big difference, enhancing both the flavor and your overall beer-drinking experience.

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