The Ultimate Food Pairing to Enjoy Craft Beer

The Ultimate Food Pairing to Enjoy Craft Beer

Wondering about the best beer and food combinations? You’re not the only one. It used to be that if you asked a server in a decent restaurant what drink goes with a certain dish, they’d call over the sommelier and a whole wine discussion would start. But things have changed in the past decade: Beer has finally earned its spot on the menu, and it’s not just an afterthought anymore.

The Ultimate Food Pairing to Enjoy Craft Beer

Key Takeaways

  • Pairing beer with food is a big deal because it can bring out the best in both the drink and the meal. So you should think about all the different elements at play, like texture, flavor, aroma, fat, acidity, sweetness, bitterness, and carbonation.
  • Food pairing isn’t just about the taste, though. It’s also a great way to dive into different cultures and traditions.

Beer is a fantastic drink for everyone, and guess what? It goes amazingly well with some of your favorite dishes and snacks. Maybe you already knew that, but you’re not sure which type of beer goes with what kind of meal. Surprisingly, beer might even be more food-friendly than wine. There’s just so much room for different flavors to play around with.

With tons of different craft beers and seasonal styles to think about, it can be tricky to figure out which beer goes with what food. So, to make your life easier, we’ve put together a list of different types of craft beer and how to pair them perfectly with different kinds of food. Get ready for some seriously delicious combos!

Why Does Food Pairing Matter?

Pairing beer with food is a big deal because it can bring out the best in both the drink and the meal. When you’re thinking about which beer to pair with your food, it’s important to think about all the different elements at play, like texture, flavor, aroma, fat, acidity, sweetness, bitterness, and carbonation.

Certain kinds of beer have the power to make certain foods taste even better, creating a seriously satisfying dining experience. For example, matching a light, refreshing beer with some seafood can result in a beautiful blend of flavors that just work together perfectly.

Also, some beers, especially the ones with a bitter or tangy kick, can help cleanse your palate between bites. This allows you to fully savor the flavors of each dish, which can be helpful, especially when you’re having a fancy multi-course meal.

Beer pairing isn’t just about the taste, though. It’s also a great way to dive into different cultures and traditions. By understanding the classic beer pairings of a certain region, you can get a sense of their local culture and cuisine. So go ahead, explore, and enjoy the wonderful world of beer and food!

Our Food Pairing Recommendations for Canard Craft Beer

Pairing food with craft beer could be a daunting task, but we know that you want to enhance the experience to make your beer taste better. Craft beers from Canard already taste good, but with the right food, you can make it far better.

Our Food Pairing Recommendations for Canard Craft Beer

Here are our food pairing recommendations for you to enjoy craft beers from Canard.

Strawberry Gose

Canard’s Strawberry Gose is something truly special, known for its one-of-a-kind sour taste that’s a delightful mix of zesty lemon and sweet strawberry.

This Strawberry Gose goes perfectly with a fresh fruit salad and citrus fruits, especially on those scorching summer days. If you’re a sweet desserts fan, you’re in for a treat! This sour beer style works wonders with creamy desserts of your choices, bringing out the sweetness alongside that refreshing tang.

Also, consider enjoying this beer with yogurt. The sharpness of the beer adds a refreshing touch, while its tangy saltiness can nicely complement your yoghurt.

Session IPA

Indian Pale Ale, or IPA, is a type of beer known for its bold and robust flavor. It often leaves a bitter aftertaste and has a rich, full feel in the mouth. IPAs are great at cleansing the palate, making them the perfect choice to bring out the flavors of your favorite meals.

So, when it comes to Canard’s Session IPA, what should you pair it with? First up, curry. The aromatic spices and its special taste in curry dishes go hand in hand with the aromas of an IPA. Just remember not to overpower the beer, so go easy on the spice. Something like a green curry would be perfect – the lemongrass and coriander will blend beautifully with the citrus and herbal hops of the IPA.

Meaty and salty food like pork or chargrilled steaks, also work wonders with Session IPA. The beer’s texture helps to cleanse the palate after each sip. Try serving it with a squeeze of lemon for a perfect match with the drink.


Our Food Pairing Recommendations for Canard Craft Beer

Porter beer is crafted from roasted malt and typically brewed using top-fermenting ale yeast, giving it that unique character. Many folks love Porter for its well-rounded flavor, boasting a delightful blend of roasted malts, chocolate, coffee, and caramel notes.

Now, when it comes to pairing Canard’s Porter, we’ve got some tasty suggestions for you. Firstly, try it with some barbecue – the smoky flavors go hand in hand with the beer, creating a fantastic combo. You can also pair it with oysters. Fun fact: beef, oyster, and porter pie used to be a traditional Victorian dish. Open up those oysters using a shucking knife and serve them straight from the shell for an authentic experience.

If you’re leaning towards something sweeter, why not pair the Porter with some dark chocolate and vanilla ice cream? Yes, it sounds weird, but It goes perfectly with sweets. The sweets from vanilla ice creams and dark chocolate will complement Porter’s rich toffee and nutty hints.


Canard’s Witbier is all about that refreshing tang of citrus flavors and a subtle touch of Coriander aroma. So, what should you munch on while sipping this delicious brew?

Seafood is a fantastic match for Witbier. Think crab, mussels, oysters, and clams – they all go amazingly well together. You can also pair it with some fried fish, like fish and chips, calamari, or whitebait. Seafood pasta and noodles, such as crab linguine with chili and coriander or pad thai, also make a great combo. If you’re into Japanese cuisine, consider trying it with sushi. Meanwhile, you can also pair it with light meal such as cheese and salads.


Kölsch beers are a special kind of hybrid brew that’s light-bodied and features a mild balance of both hops and malt. Canard kölsch, in particular, is recognized for its dry, crisp, and subtly aromatic taste. It pours as a brilliantly clear pale golden beer, offering a delightful blend of malt, fruit, and hop character.

When it comes to pairing kölsch beers with food, they’re usually best enjoyed on their own, especially on a hot and steamy day, thanks to the incredibly refreshing nature and light flavor profile. However, if you’re looking to pair them with some dishes, think about going for. Sausages and bratwurst would be a great food to pair with Kölsch since both of them are matches each other. Also, you can try to pair it with stone fruits since they’re at their best to enjoy when the warm weather rolls around.


Our Food Pairing Recommendations for Canard Craft Beer

Weizenbock is a rich, dark beer with a high alcohol content. It combines the fantastic wheat and yeast flavors of a Weissbier with the deep maltiness of a German Bock variety.

When it comes to pairing with food, this beer style is incredibly versatile. It’s bold enough to go with hearty meats like venison and lamb, yet it’s just as delightful with lighter options like veal. The hints of chocolate and caramel in the brew make it a great match for almost any roasted or grilled meat. Surprisingly, it won’t overpower, thanks to the wheat’s acidity and the beer’s bubbly lightness on the palate.

What’s more, you can even enjoy your Weizenbock with a sweet treat! Think blue cheeses, manchego cheeses, or even some comforting banana bread.

Want to Experience Craft Beer with The Right Food Pairings?

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At Canard Brewing Co., we strongly believe that there’s a beer for everyone, and our mission is to guide you in discovering your perfect match. We’re deeply dedicated to creating top-notch brews, and our commitment extends to using only the best ingredients, following traditional brewing techniques and recipes, and upholding the highest packaging standards.

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