Special Craft Beer Kuta Specialty Recommendations for Vacation

Special Craft Beer Kuta Specialty Recommendations for Vacation

If you’ve planned to spend your time in Bali, Indonesia, You know that you will have a good time there. You know that Bali beer is one of the best things that you will enjoy here. But, imported beer in bars sometimes is a little bit pricey. Don’t worry! If you want to find the best craft beer, Kuta is the place you should visit.

Special Craft Beer Kuta Specialty Recommendations for Vacation

Key Takeaways

  • There are a lot of craft beers you can enjoy in Kuta Bali.
  • Some of our recommendations are Strawberry Gose, Witbier, Session IPA, and Kölsch

If you’re in Kuta, we suggest checking out Canard Taproom on Jalan Nakula Kuta, Bali, where you can savor high-quality craft beer.

At Canard Taproom, we pay close attention to every detail when it comes to serving excellent beer. We carefully select the right glassware, ensure the perfect temperature, and even offer suggestions for food pairings. Our main goal is to proudly provide you with the finest craft beers available on the island.

Curious about the types of craft beer you can enjoy at Canard Taproom in Kuta? We’ve got four craft beer recommendations for you to explore. Be sure to keep reading this article to discover and enjoy them!

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Our Recommendations for Craft Beer Kuta You Can Find

1. Strawberry Gose

Strawberry Gose

Our first recommendation for Craft beer is Strawberry Gose. Gose is a type of beer with a fascinating history that began in Leipzig, Germany, and has its roots in the charming town of Goslar along the Gose River. When it comes to Strawberry Gose, it gets a boost of lively strawberry flavors, making it wonderfully fresh and fruity.

For the brewery, we recommend Strawberry Gose from Canard. This Strawberry Gose has an alcohol content of 3.7% ABV when you have it in a can. It has a medium body and plenty of fizziness. As you take a whiff of its delightful aroma, you’ll notice a beautiful blend of zesty coriander seeds and the invigorating fresh strawberry bouquet. What makes Canard Strawberry Gose stand out is that it doesn’t have a noticeable bitterness. Instead, it achieves a fantastic balance by relying on its natural acidity, rather than hops. This acidity plays a crucial role in balancing out the flavors of salt, malt, and yeast, creating a taste sensation that’s truly exceptional. It’s important to highlight that the freshness of this beer will provide you with a completely new and delightful experience.

2. Witbier


Our next recommendation is Witbier. Witbier is a classic type of beer with its origins dating back to the Middle Ages in Belgium. It’s part of the family of white (wit) beer styles. What sets Witbier apart is its appearance – it’s a bit cloudy, has a pale color, and a touch of hops, all complemented by a mix of spices that bring out its yeasty character. To make Witbier, brewers usually use a combination of pale barley malt, unmalted wheat, and oats, which gives it a smooth and creamy texture.

Canard Witbier could be the perfect Witbier you can enjoy in Kuta. Witbier by Canard welcomes your senses with a burst of refreshing citrus notes with a subtle aroma from Coriander. You can enjoy the zesty essence of this beer which offers a silky, fruity, and creamy profile.

3. Kölsch


Next on the line is Kölsch. Kölsch, which hails from Cologne, Germany, delivers a refreshing and crisp taste that can be enjoyed by both casual beer drinkers and experienced aficionados. This beer is known for its light body, crispness, and subtle touch of malt sweetness, all balanced by a gentle hop bitterness.

Canard Kölsch is our recommendation for your vacation in Bali. Canard Kölsch is a beer that’s dry, crisp, and light. It has a subtle aroma and a clear, pale golden appearance. When you take a sip, you’ll notice a nice balance between malt, fruit, and hop flavors. It starts with a hint of malt sweetness and finishes with a crisp and rounded taste. It’s not very bitter, and it doesn’t have a lot of lingering sweetness. As you enjoy it, you might pick up on the pleasant scents of malt grains and honey flowers, which might remind you of sweet candy.

4. Session IPA

Session IPA

Our last recommendation for today is Session IPA. IPA, which stands for India Pale Ale, is a type of beer known for its bold and strong flavors. Session IPAs are a lighter version of traditional IPAs, and we’d like to introduce you to Canard Session IPA.

Canard has crafted a Session IPA that is clear and amber in color. It’s designed to be easy to drink over an extended period because it has lower alcohol content compared to regular IPAs. The Canard Session IPA is notably hoppy and bitter, with a crisp and slightly caramel-malty taste. It’s got a hop-forward flavor profile with hints of citrus, floral, stone fruit, and pine resin, which are typical of New World hops.

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Where to Find The Best Craft Beer in Bali

If you want to find the best craft beers from a brewery that cares about their quality in Bali, consider trying Canard Brewing Co. From the Strawberry Gose to Weizenbock, we serve the best of both brewing and ingredients. Visit our website to discover more.

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