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Canard: A Gender Inclusive Beer

This Canard post is the first of a series dedicated to the topic of a largely existing stereotype that beer drinking is an inherently masculine activity. We’ll do our part here to change that growing misconception…

The Canard beer brand has arrived with a mission to provide quality craft beers to women in equal proportion to men. After all, women have long appreciated beer. It may be surprising for many to learn that, even though beer is predominantly a male-orientated industry, it was actually women who started brewing beer. For​ hundreds of years ​female brewers​, called​ “Brewsters” used hops for religious ceremonies and medicines, and brewed beers to accompany meals and to be sold at local marketplaces.

And the male-skewed pleasure of drinking beer is changing quickly with more and more women developing a thirst for beer and its appealing varieties. At Canard we are happy contributors to what is an exciting market shift in Asia — offering refreshing, high quality beers for a growing market of women, and brewed right here in Bali.

Canard - event

Coming Full Circle

At Canard our mission is rather simple yet somewhat complex, to produce great beers that are gender inclusive with a move away from a traditionally male-dominated market appeal. Numerous studies have found that a growing number of women prefer sour beers, which today fall into the feminine beer category; and here’s where the complex part comes in: an equal number of women also prefer what are considered more masculine IPAs. ​

Canard: Effortlessly Drinkable Beers

Invariably, our brew master considers the nose (smell) of the beer, as well as the beer’s notes (its taste) and mouthfeel (how it feels on the tongue, or in the mouth). One example is the Canard Session IPA, a clear, amber-hued IPA slightly lower in alcohol and suitable for drinking over an extended period. The Session IPA has a number of characteristics but is for the most part a hoppy, bitter, crispy pale ale with a balance that is hop-forward, dry, and with a slightly caramel malty flavour. Our brew master says its hop aromas are “strongly new-world, emphasizing on citrus, floral, stone fruit, and pine resin.”

We are also creating our beers with the destination in mind. After extensive research and talking to legions of women over this past few years, we have learned that ​beer is being brought into new occasions ​and not just sporting events. Essentially building out beer from those male drinking occasions into mixed gender and premium social events here in Bali and beyond, is today increasingly recognized. And that is the perfect segue to our packaging appeal and how we recommend Canard beers are drank. Look for that post soon enough!

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