The Emerging Local Craft Beer from the Island of Bali

The Emerging Local Craft Beer from the Island of Bali

When you’re visiting Bali, you will notice that beer is one of the most popular beverages in Bali. It is also a significant part of the tourism experience in Bali. No wonder you can find beer, even local craft beer, that easily in Bali.

The Emerging Local Craft Beer from the Island of Bali

Key Takeaways

  • The craft beer scene in Indonesia appears promising for breweries, combining traditional elements, natural ingredients, and contemporary brewing standards.
  • Canard Craft Beer takes pride in using top-quality premium ingredients and traditional brewing methods that have stood the test of time.

This is the reason why tourists love to stay in Bali. It’s really easy to find beer, from bar to local store, you can find every beer brand that you already know before. But, on the other hand, not only tourists who enjoy and appreciate beer.

Currently, Indonesia has experienced a notable upsurge in beer consumption in recent years. This trend explained the dynamic of Indonesian culture and modern influence. Beyond that, a complex tapestry of brewing customs, economic dynamics, social influences, and environmental considerations has shaped Indonesia’s evolving beer industry.

One thing you should notice is that local craft beer is also starting to grow in Indonesia. Especially in Bali, there are a lot of local craft beer breweries that brew the best beer you can try, one of the best breweries in Indonesia is Canard Brewing Co.

In this article, we will dive more into the emergence of local craft beer in Bali, starting from knowing the beer scene in Indonesia and our recommendations. Let’s have a look!

What is Craft Beer?

Craft beer is a beer that is created using high-quality natural ingredients to produce the best flavors, combined with the brewer’s enthusiasm and creativity, resulting in a bottle of beer.

What sets craft beer apart is its production in smaller quantities compared to the large-scale beer factories. These craft breweries are typically small, independent businesses owned by individuals who deeply care about the beer they produce.

The distinguishing factor of craft beer lies in its production process. Craft brewers utilize traditional methods, experiment with flavors, and explore different brewing techniques. Craft beer represents more than just a beverage; it embodies a movement that emphasizes producing beer traditionally and independently, akin to artisans, as opposed to mass-producing it like major beer corporations.

Craft beer prioritizes quality over quantity. It is crafted by small, independent breweries that invest great care in each batch, resulting in a more premium product. Most breweries meticulously select the finest ingredients and devise unique flavors that are not found elsewhere.

In contrast to the large beer factories that prioritize mass production for profit, craft beer resembles an art form. Each sip of craft beer reflects the hard work and passion invested in its creation, offering a distinctive experience that narrates a tale of dedication and artisanship with every batch.

A Little Bit Insight of Beer Culture in Indonesia

Despite Indonesia’s rich history and vibrant cultural heritage, the emergence of a thriving beer culture might come as a surprise to some. However, the shifting social landscape, globalization, and increased exposure to global trends have all contributed to the growing acceptance of beer as a popular beverage among Indonesians.

On the other hand, alcoholic drinks hold a significant position in Indonesian customs, serving as a tangible expression of their identity as Indonesians and their connection to the natural world. Traditional drinking practices persist in rural Indonesia, where the fusion of cooking, music, and daytime drinking reflects the celebration of life as an integral part of their culture.

The origins of beer production in Indonesia embody a fusion of native brewing techniques and external influences. From ancient methods employing local ingredients and fermentation practices passed down through generations to the assimilation of modern brewing technologies and ingredients, beer-making in Indonesia has transformed into a unique blend of tradition and innovation.

Furthermore, the diverse cultural landscape across the Indonesian archipelago has led to a variety of production and consumption patterns. Certain regions, like Java and Bali, have fostered the development of local craft breweries due to substantial import tariffs on alcoholic beverages. This environment has facilitated the flourishing of home-brews, which currently constitute a significant portion, approximately 80%, of the alcohol consumed throughout the nation.

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Is Beer Restricted in Indonesia

Is Beer Restricted in Indonesia

Government regulations exert a significant impact on the beer industry in Indonesia. Strict licensing procedures, restrictions on advertising, and varying regional policies collectively contribute to a demanding environment for both established breweries and aspiring entrepreneurs. This dynamic regulatory framework necessitates adaptability and compliance to ensure successful operations within the industry.

Conversely, despite its growing popularity, the beer sector in Indonesia faces several economic challenges. From unpredictable taxation measures to distribution hurdles, both local breweries and international beer manufacturers grapple with a challenging economic landscape that significantly impacts their business activities and market expansion.

However, for those who enjoy beer, when it comes to consuming beer and other alcohol in Bali, there are no strict rules, but it is essential to have respect for the local culture and religion.

The Rise of Local Craft Beer to Its Popularity in Indonesia

Now, we will talk about the rise of the local craft beer scene in Indonesia. In recent years, the brewing industry has experienced a significant transformation worldwide, largely influenced by the rapid growth of craft beer. Indonesia, in particular, has witnessed the emergence of a diverse range of beer brands and types making their presence felt. This trend is particularly noticeable in dynamic hubs such as Bali, where a blend of local, contemporary, and tourism influences creates a vibrant and diverse beer culture. Consequently, Bali has become a focal point for various beer brands that have successfully entered the local market.

The surge of craft beer has introduced a new dimension to Indonesia’s beer industry. Renowned for their dedication to excellence, innovation, and unique flavor profiles, craft breweries have cultivated a loyal following among beer enthusiasts. This movement has fostered a more varied beer landscape, nurturing a culture of exploration and appreciation for the craftsmanship behind artisanal brewing.

Despite Indonesia’s relatively moderate alcohol consumption per capita compared to other Southeast Asian nations, the potential for expansion remains considerable. Breweries are eager to navigate the intricate regulatory environment and bureaucratic challenges in the country, recognizing the significant opportunities presented by its substantial population of over 270 million people.

Within this evolving landscape, the craft beer scene in Indonesia appears promising for breweries, combining traditional elements, natural ingredients, and contemporary brewing standards. Several brands have emerged as pioneers in the modern Indonesian craft beer scene, with Canard Brewing Co. standing out as one of the noteworthy contributors.

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Why You Should Try Local Craft Beer in the Island of Bali

There are several compelling reasons to give local craft beer a try in Bali:

  • Unique Flavors and Options: Craft beer in Bali offers a distinctive taste and diverse options as it has a variety of beer styles, ranging from light lagers to the legendary porter.
  • Supporting Local Businesses: Opting for craft beer in Bali means supporting small local beer makers, ensuring the sustainability of these small businesses that produce delightful beer.
  • Fit for Your Vacation: Craft beer in Bali is perfect for you to enjoy during your vacation in Bali. Each craft beer available has a taste that matches the vibes of a vacation on the beach in Bali accompanied by the swish of the waves and the beautiful beach sand..
  • Craftsmanship: Craft beer makers in Bali dedicate their time to ensure the highest quality. They meticulously attend to every detail to achieve the perfect taste and flavor.

In summary, trying craft beer in Bali is more than just a beverage experience. It’s about exploring unique flavors, embracing novelty, and contributing to the local business scene while surrounded by the natural beauty of Bali. Whether you’re a dedicated beer enthusiast or simply seeking a fun and different experience on the island, tasting craft beer is an adventure worth embarking on.

Who is Canard Brewing Co.?

Canard Brewing Co. is a small brewery that started in Denpasar, Bali, in 2022, founded by a passionate brewer. They hold a deep appreciation for the rich history and diverse styles of beer, often drawing inspiration from ancient recipes to create authentic brews.

You can enjoy a variety of craft beers from Canard Brewing Co., including Strawberry Gose, Kolsch, Porter, Session IPA, Weizenbock, and Witbier. The good news is that you can find Canard craft beer in Bali.

But what makes Canard Craft Beer special? Canard takes pride in using top-quality premium ingredients and traditional brewing methods that have stood the test of time. This results in a refined range of beers best enjoyed when poured into a glass and perfectly paired with a wide variety of foods. The brewers at Canard dedicate themselves to ensuring each beer is of the highest quality, paying close attention to every detail to ensure it tastes just right.

One of Canard’s goals is to make beer more inclusive for women. We offer a diverse selection of finely crafted craft beers, hoping to encourage more women to enjoy beer in the same way they might savor a glass of wine – taking the time to appreciate each sip.

Along with our commitment to inclusivity, Canard strives to cater to diverse tastes and preferences. We produce a variety of beers to suit different palates and cater to various types of beer enthusiasts.

Another reason to try craft beer from Canard is to try our diverse options. By choosing Canard craft beer in Bali, you will meet a lot of beer options you can try while staying in Bali. With Canard, you can try varieties of beer styles, ranging from light lagers to the legendary porter.

In summary, savoring Canard craft beer in Bali provides more than just a taste of beer. It’s an opportunity to explore unique flavors, embrace novelty, and contribute to the local business scene amidst Bali’s breathtaking natural backdrop. Whether you’re a dedicated beer enthusiast or simply seeking a fresh and exciting adventure in Bali, trying craft beer is an experience you won’t want to miss.

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Selection of Local Craft Beers Recommendation in Bali

Selection of Local Craft Beers Recommendation in Bali

Now you’re craving local craft beer to enjoy, aren’t you? Don’t worry, we will give you a selection of the best local craft beer in Bali from the Canard Brewing Co. Here are our 6 recommendations:


Kölsch, hailing from Cologne, Germany, is known for its crisp and refreshing flavor. This beer boasts a light body, a refreshing crispness, and a subtle touch of malt sweetness, all balanced with a mild hop bitterness. We highly recommend giving Canard’s Kölsch a try for a delightful tasting experience.

Canard’s Kölsch presents itself as a dry, crisp, and light beer with a clear, pale golden ale appearance and a subtle aroma. Upon taking a sip, you’ll immediately notice a well-balanced blend of malt, fruit, and hop flavors. It begins with a gentle hint of malt sweetness and finishes with a clean and rounded taste. It doesn’t overwhelm with bitterness, nor does it leave a lingering sweetness on your palate. While savoring this brew, you may even detect delightful notes reminiscent of malt grains and honey flowers, evoking the pleasant essence of sweet candy.

Session IPA

Session IPAs offer a lighter option compared to the bold flavors of traditional IPAs (India Pale Ale). In case you’re not familiar, IPAs are known for their strong and intense taste. Now, let us introduce you to Canard Session IPA.

Canard has skillfully created a Session IPA with a clear, amber appearance. What sets it apart is its lower alcohol content, making it ideal for laid-back, leisurely sipping. The Canard Session IPA stands out with its distinct hoppy and bitter notes, accompanied by a crisp and slightly caramel-malty undertone. This brew features a flavor profile that emphasizes hops, with hints of citrus, floral, stone fruit, and pine resin.

Strawberry Gose

When it comes to Strawberry Gose, the focus is on embracing lively strawberry flavors, resulting in a wonderfully fresh and fruity brew. For a delightful experience, we recommend trying Canard’s Strawberry Gose. This delightful beer has an alcohol content of 3.7% ABV when served in a can, and it boasts a medium body with plenty of effervescence. As you savor its delightful aroma, you’ll be greeted by a beautiful fusion of zesty coriander seeds and the invigorating scent of fresh strawberries.

What truly distinguishes Canard Strawberry Gose is its unique absence of noticeable bitterness. Instead, it achieves a fantastic balance by relying on its natural acidity rather than hops. This acidity plays a pivotal role in harmonizing the flavors of salt, malt, and yeast, creating a truly exceptional taste sensation. It’s worth noting that the freshness of this beer promises a wholly new and delightful drinking experience.


Porter beer is notable for its rich and well-balanced flavors. It is cherished for its dark and robust taste profile, often featuring a harmonious blend of roasted malts, chocolate, coffee, and caramel notes. This distinct combination makes it a preferred choice for those who appreciate depth and complexity in their beer, setting it apart in the realm of craft beer.

Canard’s Porter is a true representation of this timeless style. It appears as a black beer with a light body, delivering a full spectrum of savory flavors, including coffee, chocolate, toasty malt, and toffee aromas. What sets Canard’s Porter apart is its roasty bitterness, which adds a layer of complexity distinct from the sharpness of its hops. With a moderately high level of carbonation, it offers a fairly dry and clean finish.


If you’re curious about trying a Weizenbock, consider exploring Canard Weizenbock. This particular brew pushes the boundaries of maltiness, creaminess, and rich aromas, including caramel and Maillard, a process that adds distinct browned flavors. It boasts a thick and long-lasting mousse-like texture with a light brown foam.

The roasted notes and hop bitterness contribute to the interplay of malt, yeast, and alcohol. As a Weizenbock matures, it develops subtle sherry-like esters, along with hints of dark grape, raisin, and fruit leather flavors, making it a complex and delightful choice for beer enthusiasts.

If you’re on the lookout for the finest craft beers from a brewery that prioritizes quality in Bali, consider giving Canard Brewing Co. a try. From the Strawberry Gose to the Session IPA, we offer the best of both worlds when it comes to brewing and ingredients. Visit Canard website to explore more.

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