Guide to Choose the Best Food Pairings for Canard Craft Beer Bali

Guide to Choose the Best Food Pairings for Canard Craft Beer Bali

If you’re planning a trip to Bali in Indonesia, you’re in for a fantastic time, and one of the highlights is the local beer scene. Craft beer Bali is a must-try during your vacation.

Guide to Choose the Best Food Pairings for Canard Craft Beer Bali

Key Takeaways

  • Find harmonies between craft beer and the food to find the perfect food pairing.
  • Don’t make your beer or food overpower each other.

Bali was once synonymous with a single dominant beer brand, with its merchandise all over the place. It seemed nothing could challenge its reign until craft beer arrived on the scene, specifically craft beer brewed right here on the island. It’s a homegrown success story.

Now, let’s talk about pairing craft beer with food. Craft beer in Bali and a plate of good food are a great combination, and beer is incredibly versatile when it comes to pairing with different dishes. With so many beer styles to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming and not easy to figure out the best pairings for your craft beer.

But don’t worry. In this article, we’ll guide you through some classic craft beer and food pairing options, enhancing your experience while enjoying Canard Craft Beer, the finest of Bali.

Why You Should Try Canard Craft Beer Bali

Before we dive more into the food pairings, we should talk about why we recommend you try Canard Craft Beer in Bali.

Canard Brewing Co. is a small brewery founded in Denpasar, Bali, in 2022 by a couple of passionate brewers. They have a deep appreciation for the rich history, diverse styles of beer, and how those beers are made, often drawing inspiration from centuries-old recipes to create authentic brews.

One of Canard’s goals is to make beer more inclusive for women. They offer a wide selection of finely crafted craft beers, hoping to encourage more women to enjoy drinking beer like wine – savoring each sip.

In addition to their commitment to inclusivity, Canard strives to cater to diverse tastes and preferences. They craft a variety of beers to suit different palates and cater to various types of beer enthusiasts.

Canard takes great pride in using top-quality premium ingredients and traditional, time-honored brewing methods. The result is a sophisticated range of beers, best enjoyed when poured into a glass and perfectly complementing a wide range of food pairings.

In summary, savoring Canard craft beer in Bali offers more than just a taste of beer. It’s an opportunity to explore unique flavors, embrace novelty, and contribute to the local business scene in the midst of Bali’s stunning natural backdrop. Whether you’re a dedicated beer enthusiast or simply seeking a fresh and exciting adventure in Bali, trying craft beer is an experience you won’t want to miss.

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How To Choose The Best Food Pairings for Canard Craft Beer

Pairing beer with food doesn’t have to be daunting. Trusting your instincts is a good way to begin. Matching the flavor strength of your food and beer is key. If one flavor overpowers the other, it can disrupt the pairing. It’s also essential not to make broad assumptions about the food or beer. Instead of categorizing food items broadly, focus on the specific flavors within the dish. This approach helps you find a balance between beer and food that enhances the overall dining experience.

How To Choose The Best Food Pairings for Canard Craft Beer

There are several ways to choose the best food pairings for your Canard Craft Beer.

1. Match Strength with Strength

Pairing beer with food is about finding the right balance. Delicate dishes go well with delicate beers, while strongly flavored foods pair best with assertive beers. Flavor intensity isn’t just one thing; it’s the combination of various taste elements. In beer, this includes factors like alcohol content, maltiness, hop bitterness, sweetness, and more. In food, richness, sweetness, cooking techniques, spices, texture, and complexity all contribute to flavor intensity.

For a perfect pairing, choose a beer or dish with one dominant flavor, like sweetness, richness, or oiliness. This allows that distinct taste to stand out without being overwhelmed by other flavors. The goal is to create harmony between the beer and the food, enhancing the dining experience.

2. Find Harmonies between the Beer and Food

The best food and beer pairings often have some common flavor or aroma elements that naturally go together. This means combining sweet with sweet, sour with sour, and bitter with bitter. Sometimes, when flavors combine, they create something entirely new and exciting.

A simple way to create a delicious pairing is to complement flavors. For example, if you have a rich, hearty dish, choose a beer with a similarly rich and heavy flavor, like stouts or porters. On the other hand, when you’re enjoying light dishes like salads or fish, opt for light beers. And for desserts like fruit tarts, wheat beers can be a delightful choice. Matching the flavors enhances the overall dining experience.

3. Think About the Specific Flavour, Such as Sweetness, Bitterness, Carbonation, Spice, and Richness

Certain qualities of food and beer interact in specific ways, and understanding these interactions helps ensure a balanced pairing. These interactions are different from matching flavor intensity; they involve finding flavors that enhance each other. It’s like a puzzle where you need to discover which flavors go well together.

For instance, when you have foods that are sweet or rich in fats, you can choose beers with hop bitterness, sweetness, roasted maltiness, or alcohol content to complement them. Carbonation in beer can also help cut through the richness of such dishes. If you’re enjoying spicy food with a hoppy beer, make sure the beer has enough malt sweetness to balance the heat.

Remember to consider the flavor intensity of both your food and beer. Some medium and dark beers have strong flavors that can overpower certain types of food, so it’s essential to find a balance between them.

4. Also, Consider Will it Cleanse your Palate

You can also employ your beer as a palate cleanser. This approach is great when dealing with dishes that pack a punch in terms of flavor, like spicy Indian cuisine or greasy fried foods. For instance, you can take a sip of a light and refreshing beer to cleanse your palate after biting into some fiery Korean fried chicken. This technique can also be flipped around, where fatty foods like French fries or nuts can help counterbalance the bitterness of an Indian Pale Ale (IPA). It’s all about finding the perfect harmony between your beer and your food.

At Canard Brewing Co., we strongly believe that there’s a beer for everyone, and our mission is to guide you in discovering your perfect match. We’re deeply dedicated to creating top-notch brews, and our commitment extends to using only the best ingredients, following traditional brewing techniques and recipes, and upholding the highest packaging standards.

If you’re looking for a memorable craft beer experience, head to Canard Taproom located at Jalan Nakula, Kuta, Bali. At Canard Taproom, we focus on serving a good beer with canape pairings that enhance the flavour of each of Canard’s craft beers.

Our ultimate aim is to proudly offer the finest craft beers on this island. For additional details, please visit our website.

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