Crafting Indulgence: Exploring Best Beer in Indonesia

Crafting Indulgence: Exploring Best Beer in Indonesia

Indonesia, known for its rich cultural tapestry and breathtaking landscapes, is now making a mark in the world of craft beer. As the craft beer scene gains momentum, enthusiasts, and connoisseurs are increasingly drawn to the diverse and flavorful offerings emerging from the archipelago.

This article aims to be your guide through the best beer in Indonesia, delving into the historical context, highlighting top breweries, uncovering hidden gems, and providing insights on where to savor these delightful brews.

Crafting Indulgence: Exploring Best Beer in Indonesia

Key Takeaways

  • Indonesia’s craft beer scene is experiencing a surge in popularity, reflecting a growing appreciation for unique and high-quality brews.
  • Beyond the well-known brands, there are hidden gems in the form of local microbreweries that contribute to the richness of Indonesia’s beer culture.
  • Recommendations for experiencing the craft beer scene include visiting specific bars and festivals and offering a glimpse into the thriving community.

The Rise of Craft Beers in Indonesia

Indonesia’s journey into the craft beer realm is steeped in a fascinating historical context. Traditionally dominated by mass-produced lagers, the beer landscape is evolving. The growing middle class, exposure to international flavors, and a burgeoning interest in brewing have contributed to the rise of craft beers. However, the industry still grapples with certain regulations and cultural norms that influence the production and consumption of craft beverages.

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How to Determine Beer’s Quality?

Whether we are seasoned beer enthusiasts, curious newcomers, or budding brewers, understanding how to evaluate beer is essential for appreciating its nuances and identifying quality brews. By mastering the basics of beer evaluation, we can develop a discerning palate and confidently assess the characteristics of different beer styles. In this article, we will explore the fundamental aspects of determining the best beer in Indonesia.

How to Determine Beer’s Quality?

1. Appearance

The visual presentation of a beer can offer clues about its style, ingredients, and brewing techniques. When evaluating a beer’s appearance, we should consider the following:


Let’s take note of the hue of the beer, which can range from pale straw to deep ebony, depending on the style


We should assess whether the beer is clear or cloudy, as clarity can indicate quality and attention to detail in the brewing process.

2. Aroma

The aroma of a beer is a crucial component of its overall character and can greatly influence our tasting experience. To evaluate a beer’s aroma effectively, we should focus on the following:


Let’s take a moment to inhale the beer’s bouquet and identify any distinctive aromas, such as hops, malt, yeast, fruit, or spice.


We should be vigilant for any off-putting or unpleasant aromas, which may indicate flaws or contamination in the beer.

3. Flavor

Flavor is perhaps the most significant aspect of beer evaluation, encompassing a wide range of sensory perceptions. When assessing a beer’s flavor, we should consider the following factors:


It is time to evaluate the interplay between sweetness, bitterness, acidity, and other flavor components, aiming for a harmonious balance.


We should look for depth and nuance in the beer’s flavor profile, with layers of complexity that unfold with each sip.


We should be on the lookout for any undesirable tastes or off-flavors, such as sourness, astringency, or oxidation.

4. Mouthfeel

Mouthfeel refers to the tactile sensations experienced when drinking a beer and plays a crucial role in its overall texture and body. When assessing a beer’s mouthfeel, we should consider the following:


In sensing from the mouthfeel, we evaluate the thickness or viscosity of the beer, ranging from light and crisp to full-bodied and creamy.


We should note the level of carbonation, which can affect the beer’s texture and effervescence.


Let’s assess the beer’s smoothness and mouth-coating properties, aiming for a satisfying drinking experience.

5. Finish


Let’s pay attention to the lingering flavors and sensations, noting any desirable or undesirable characteristics.


We should ensure that the finish is consistent with the beer’s overall flavor profile, with no lingering off-flavors or astringency.

Taste Canard Beer Like a Pro

Canard Beer

Taste Canard Beer Like a Pro

Canard Brewing Co. is a micro-brewery established in Denpasar, Bali, in 2022 by a couple of talented brewers who loved to explore the history and the many varieties of beers that exist today, using the original recipes, often centuries old, and in the spirit of the authentic original brews.

Where to Experience the Craft Beer Scene

For those eager to immerse themselves in Indonesia’s craft beer culture, you may try these options:

Canard Taproom

Canard Taproom

Try our representation of Canard Beer’s brand and personality at Canard Taproom. We will serve you with all of the parameters of servicing a good beer, with additional careful glassware selection, temperature, and food pairing.

To visit us, kindly click here.

Joining local beer-related communities, either online or in person, can provide valuable insights and recommendations. Platforms like social media groups or forums often share updates on new breweries, beer releases, and upcoming events.

Try Omakase Beer Pairing at Canard Taproom

Many craft beer bars offer beer flights, allowing you to sample a selection of different beers in smaller quantities. 

Similarly, at Canard Taproom we offer a unique experience by pairing our 6 distinct beers with 6 delectable canapes. This allows you to not only savor our diverse selection of beers but also enjoy the complementary flavors and textures of carefully crafted food pairings

It’s a wonderful way to enhance your tasting experience and explore the harmonious combinations of flavors between our beers and canapes. 

Beer Festivals

Keep an eye on annual beer festivals that celebrate Indonesia’s burgeoning craft beer community. Events like Bali Craft Beer Festival, and Jakarta Beer Week bring together brewers, beer enthusiasts, and curious visitors. These festivals offer an excellent opportunity to taste a wide range of craft beers, attend workshops, and engage with the vibrant community.

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Whether you’re a seasoned craft beer enthusiast or a curious newcomer, Indonesia’s craft beer scene invites you on a flavorful journey through innovation, tradition, and the spirit of indulgence. To determine the best beer in Indonesia, we should master the basics of beer evaluation. Thus, it will reward you with a broader palate that can enhance our appreciation for this beloved beverage.

By understanding the importance of appearance, aroma, flavor, mouthfeel, and finish, we can develop a more discerning palate and confidently assess the quality of Canard beer. So, next time we crack open Canard, let’s take a moment to savor its complexities and evaluate it like a true beer connoisseur.

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